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The About Pages, formerly The Review, was launched Q3, August 2017 and will continue the legacy of The Review magazine by connecting Colorado MARKETING | ADVERTISING | PR | MEDIA professionals.



That was a BIG question and not one we are taking lightly. The Review brand in some iteration has been the brand for more than 40 years. We absolutely respect the legacy. Out of our love and respect, we knew in our bones we had to go all in and find a name that would represent the next chapter. What has made the publication so strong has been the Who behind the What and How-To articles that kept us all plugged into the industry and each other.In addition, the magazine instead of a monthly will now be a quarterly that literally connects you with more than 30 pros from the Colorado Marketing | Advertising | PR | Media industry in every issue.

What was the philosophy behind the ezine redesign? It is simple. Showcase the people and make it easy to connect. In a bold move, we decided there will only be full-page ads. This is not a ploy to force companies to go big. They simply look the best and get the most clicks.  So, the ads will be affordable and accessible and if you want to go big with your budget spend? We have connect-fabulous ways for you to do that online and with social, e-newsletters, events, and shared content. Trust me, if you want to share your budget with us, we’ll carve out a path to our readers and followers for you.



Yes, we said it. We know that everyone loves to see their name in print. So, each quarter we will fire-up the presses and release 100 limited-edition copies of our 36-page glossy magazine for the people in it, the people who created it, the people who supported it, aaaaannd maybe a few select others we’re trying to schmooze.

We are excited about sharing with our 1800 subscribers the redesign and launch of The About Pages magazine and connect you to the people that are behind the scenes, leading the pack, blazing the trails, and elevating all of us by doing what they do best. This magazine is about them and about you.



Q & A Interview Profiles about and by local industry pros. We adopted a
Rolling Stone-esque approach and paired symbiotic interviewers and interviewees to give you 2-for-1 contacts to beef up your Rolodex.

THE 411 column by Ken Custer “The Connection King” rounds up the
need-to-know news about the who’s who from around the water cooler.

#TAPInto our hyper-linked grid packed with 12 experts we love to stalk on social because they’re Colorado-based and absolutely no click-bait. Connect with these badass how-to bloggers, know-it-all curators and prolific sharers of tips/tricks by clicking the buttons in our newly designed ezine.

Meet The Prez: Snapshots of our local chapter leaders for the 20+ business nonprofit organizations supporting our industry.



NETWORK! Use our unique aggregated online calendar that syncs up local non profits, meet ups and biz organization calendars to find your next opportunity to sling those cards.

GET ON THE LIST! Our interactive business directory takes your average logo/contact listings to the next, next level with social media links, video player, photo galleries, linked promo ad, 350-word descriptions, and download links.

CONNECT ON SOCIAL: We will be sharing are own awesome, but yours too. So follow us, like us, tag us – use us. Yep, we said it – use us. Because, you can count on we’re going to use you. Where to find us? We straight up scored @theaboutpages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn AND Pinterest. Let that sink in a minute…it gave us chills.


Q3 | 2017 | VOL 1 | ISSUE 1 


Launch Issue

Publisher Carleen Clearwater shares with readers the passion and the first pros on the pages for the next generation of The Review.

Launch Press Release

Q2 | 2019


Reinventing the Online Magazine to Connect a Community 

Publisher Carleen Clearwater announces the redesigned, reimagined magazine that uniquely blends online pages and posts to create a never been done before Ezine style that throws out editorial and advertising boundaries in order to leverage every bell and whistle to connect pros and promote the kickass work being done in our industry.