Advertising is More Than Men in Suits Sippin’ Martinis

Updated: May 31, 2019

Laura Tiller, Graphic Designer/Illustrator for Neon Pig Creative


American Advertising Federation, Colorado Springs Chapter (AAFCOS) May 2018-June 2019 President

TAP| What would you say most motivated you to assume the role of president?

LT| My involvement in AAF helped me connect with so many amazing people in this community and really helped kickstart my career and help me find a job after college and I wanted to be a part of continuing to provide that service to our city and pay it forward.

TAP| What goals or projects are you most excited or passionate about?

LT| The board gets to do so many great things each year and it’s hard to pick one but I’m always excited to find new ways to connect and engage students in our community and educate a local non-profit group on how they can spread the word about their organization and create awareness for their cause.

TAP| How has being president changed you?

LT| It’s definitely helped teach me more effective leadership and delegation skills and pushed me to become even more organized and confident in my decision-making.

TAP| What has been the most surprising to you about being president?

LT| Probably just how satisfying each little success can feel. The metric for a successful event in my mind is that some people walked away with new knowledge or new connections and when even one person tells me they got something out of an event it’s awesome and makes all those frazzled moments worth it.

TAP| This is a 100% volunteer position. What’s the ROI for your business and/or you personally?

LT| It’s not only given me some insight into the parts of advertising that I’m not directly involved in at my own job, but it’s also really made me feel like a part of this community and I’ve made some professional connections with truly wonderful people in my time volunteering I may never have met otherwise.

TAP| What is one of the toughest challenges your organization is facing?

LT| Just like any non-profit out there, it’s always a struggle raising the funds needed to continue holding events that really provide value to our city and finding new ways to keep our members involved and interested.

TAP| Why is it important for companies to support their employees in their desire to volunteer for business organizations?

LT| There is so much to be gained in terms of higher self-esteem, increased knowledge and a sense of accomplishment for your employee. However, on a purely financial level there really is no better way to gain new business than by having boots on the ground and out in your community making connections and acting as an ambassador of your company.

TAP| Why should people support AAFCOS?

LT| When people talk about advertising, I think most people immediately picture men in suits at 3 martini lunches spouting headlines, but there’s so much more to this industry. From our members in Washington staying active in championing our rights in advertising to supporting the next generation through competitions and scholarships, AAF is truly working on all levels for advertisers. And beyond the benefits for all of us working in our field, it’s undeniable that when we go out in the community and educate them on what we do it creates a true appreciation of just how valuable our industry is.

TAP| How can TAP readers get involved?

LT| Come out to events and get involved! Our biggest resource is the people here in our community who volunteer on our board or even just give a few hours of their time and expertise. Becoming a member and showing up to events also helps us continue hosting events that bring the community together to learn, get inspired, and just geek out over what we do.




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American Advertising Federation, Colorado Springs Chapter

Our local chapter is an affiliate of the American Advertising Federation, making all AAFCOS members part of the nationwide network of over 50,000 professionals, 200 local chapters, 100 corporate members and 200 college chapters. The National AAF organization stands to be the unifying voice for advertising and holds firm to their mission of protecting and promoting the well being of advertising nation-wide. AAFCOS is part of the AAF District 12, which includes Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming and El Paso.