Block Bustin’ & Too Heavy to Steal

Updated: May 31, 2019

Cultivator literally hand delivers Coloradan vibe and marketing that celebrates why we love to live here

Interview with Jen Arnold, Senior Copy Writer | Cultivator

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TAP| What was the inspiration for this project?

JA| Colorado. The spirit of it and what we all love so much about living here. The work we did was all guided by the strategy of “what it means to be a Coloradan.” It was a chance to celebrate our Colorado-ness, and that’s what guided everything from the design decisions within the building, like mudrooms for your quiver of puffy jackets, to our creative, which similarly embraced everything we love about living here. Whenever we kicked off a new project, whether it be a vinyl fence wrap, a direct mail piece, web site copy, sales center installations, etc., we were inspired by the reasons we choose to live here in the first place. It’s a fun thing to celebrate.

TAP| What was the coolest or challenging element of the project?

JA| How often we’re changing the numbers on the street signage. The Coloradan has been a huge success so far, I think they’re down to 24 residences left to sell now. When our clients came to us and asked us to create street-level fence signage that could be adapted as the countdown continued, they were at 40. So we had to find a way that addressed a number of issues: the numbers had to be interchangeable yet durable, not too heavy. They had to be secure enough they wouldn’t be stolen. They had to be huge. Most of all we wanted this to be eye-catching and fun. So we added flags to the top of the fence that said things like “tick tock” and “going going gone”, and incorporated fun messaging like, “did we mention there’s a pool up there?” And then my creative partner, Chris Beatty, who happens to be a master welder and whiz with hand tools, would go down every time the client called with another sale and swap out the numbers. He also built the historical timeline we developed for The Coloradan sales center from scratch in his garage. If you haven’t seen that, you should definitely go. It’s truly a work of art.

TAP| What did you learn working on this project?

JA| For me, real estate marketing can be challenging because you’re selling something that doesn’t exist yet. The client’s are expecting you, as a creative team, to be able to envision the same non-existent structure and the community that will form there without being able to actually see or feel or experience anything. They are pros at that. I’m not. What this project taught me was the importance of laying a strong strategic foundation for developments like this, which I think can be tough with real estate. I think a lot of developments try and tell a similar story, so finding one that is authentic and true to the spirit of the place, that can serve as the foundation for all the stories you’re going tell about it, that’s hugely important in the success of real estate branding and marketing. We got lucky with this one, of course the timing and location have a lot to do with it. But this is one of the projects I’m most proud to have worked on over the last two years and was one of the most fun and easy projects I’ve ever worked on because of the strong, clear and exciting story we had to tell.

TAP| What ‘d you love most about the project with East West Partners?

JA| My favorite thing is that they get it. There’s no disputing from their perspective the need to get things right. So they invest in us, and support the critical thinking that goes such a long way in the success of a project like this. They’re also incredibly strategic. No decision made, from the color of the grout in the bathroom to the messaging in their FAQs, wasn’t poured over with passion and critical deliberation. I appreciate that level of scrutiny, and I think it shows in the final product. Lastly, what I love about the clients is that they’re just really good people. They’re the kind of partner that, when I leave their offices after a presentation, I truly feel inspired and re-energized by their enthusiasm and spirit. They work incredibly hard. They care very much about the communities they’re creating. And they make my team feel valued and appreciated, which goes a really long way in a successful client/agency relationship.

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