Navigating the Tremendous Changes Facing the Ad Industry

JEFF GRAHAM, SVP/Managing Director for Barkley


SVP / Managing Director May 2018-June 2019 President

TAP| What would you say most motivated you to assume the role of president?

JG| I’ve been involved on the board of the Ad Club since I moved to Colorado in 2006. I’ve always loved how being involved in the Ad Club helps me plug into all the great work happening in Denver and Boulder, get outside of the 4 walls of my own agency, and meet all the awesome talent in this market. Being club president has come up before, but the time was never right. I was either working crazy hours at CP+B or starting up my own place (Grenadier), so when it came up last year – the time finally seemed to be right. As the first Ad Club in the country (since 1891) it’s a tremendous honor to lead this club, and I’m excited to be of service to the creative community.

TAP| What goals or projects are you most excited or passionate about?

JG| We recently rebranded the club to be Ad Club CO, losing the Denver reference since there’s so much awesome talent, work and opportunity coming from of Boulder too. Our club serves the creative community in both areas and we needed to reflect that in our name. I’m excited about continuing the momentum of our great core programs like The Fifty award show and Colorado Ad Day. A big part of my job is to not screw those two up. But we’ll also be adding some exciting new programs like nationally-renowned speaker events, a series of top-to-top forums for agency owners to exchange ideas, and a new diversity and inclusion program we’re offering as a benefit to our member agencies.

TAP| What is one of the toughest challenges your organization is facing?

JG| I think all professional organizations are challenged with staying relevant to their membership 365 days a year. Our club has successful pillar programs in The Fifty and Colorado Ad Day and social stuff like Kegs With Legs - but membership has to be more than that. We’ve got to deliver more value year over year for every one of our individual and agency members. Their membership needs to help them be better at their jobs in a very concrete way or we’re failing as a club. We need to constantly be looking for ways to improve our offering and develop new programming that helps our membership navigate the tremendous changes facing the ad industry today.

TAP| Why should people support Ad Club CO?

JG| Many of those organizations speak to vertical disciplines like creative, design, direct marketing, etc. And that’s one way we’re truly different. Our club’s brand promise is cultivating Colorado ad ideas and the people who bring them to life. Ad Club CO exists to be the unifying voice for all of advertising in Colorado. We’re creating programs to speak to folks in every aspect of the advertising business: strategy, account, creative, media, digital, design, social, data, new biz, freelancers…you name it. Ad Club CO covers the full gamut of trends and topics shaping our industry, and is the club that truly brings the ad community together as one.

TAP| How can we support you?

JG| Check out our website and sign up for updates on the latest club events, like The Fifty show in late January. Get inspired by all the great ideas coming from our ad community, and if you like what you see – we invite you to join us!


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Mac or PC? Mac, although I was a PC for a couple years I worked on Microsoft. Happy to be a Mac again. Favorite coffee spot: Parkway Café, a greasy spoon in East Boulder. You’d hate it. Favorite happy hour: I don’t drink, so I’ll meet up wherever you guys are going. Favorite social media app: LinkedIn (work), Instagram/Facebook (personal) Early or late?: I get up around 5 everyday, so I guess I’m an ‘early’. Podcast you don’t miss: Talking To Ourselves, a great industry podcast hosted by my former CP+B colleague Omid Farhang, CCO at Momentum Worldwide. Book we should all read: This will sound very Boulder of me, but I really enjoyed reading 10% Happier by Dan Harris, about Harris as a cynical, self-centered network news anchor who discovers the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Most played artist(s) on your playlist: Day Wave, Hazel English, Real Estate, Geowulf. Favorite Netflix/Amazon binge: Ozark, Better Call Saul, Goliath, House of Cards One thing you’d change about yourself: My hair, it’s the texture of a Brillo pad, so I have to buzz it all off. I haven’t lost my hair, I’ve just given up on it. Your super power: I’m told I have a passion and positivity about work / life that makes me an effective leader in creative agencies.


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Bringing together Colorado’s idea makers, brand builders and culture changers since 1891. AdClub CO amplifies the craft of marketing and advertising in Colorado and enables opportunities for the agencies and professionals who call it home. From our inception in 1891 (as the first advertising club in the country) to the present, our goal has been to cultivate the ideas and relationships of Colorado marketing and advertising professionals. And, let’s be real--what we do is fun. So we celebrate one other’s great ideas and successes, the distinctive and beautiful place where we live and the innate creative energy Colorado offers.

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