Q32017: Letter from The Publisher – Carleen Clearwater

Publisher Carleen Clearwater, The About Pages


I have a zillion things I want to share with every one of you about all of the ideas, conversations, rewrites, do-overs, inspirations and each little victory that has brought us here. Welcome to the next chapter in the legacy of The Review magazine. I will keep it brief, so you can start connecting with more than 30 professionals from the Colorado MARKETING | ADVERTISING | PR | MEDIA industry that pack our first issue.

THANK YOU Ken Custer for trusting me with your baby and giving me the most amazing privilege of being a publisher. Your mentor-ship and support has been incredible.

THANK YOU team (see the TOC for our awesome crew) for giving me your time and talents to make this a reality. Doing this on my own while running my business would have been bananas. Because of you, this magazine is about so much more than I had imagined.

START CONNECTING. We are excited about the redesign and new focus that showcases the leaders in our industry and makes it easy to connect with them. The stories are expert to expert Q&A profiles. We are teaming up rock star interviewees with rock star interviewers to bring you double the contacts to beef up your Rolodex!

WHY DID WE RE-BRAND? That was a BIG question and not one we are taking lightly. The Review in some iteration, has been the brand for more than 40 years. We absolutely respect the legacy. It is out of our love and respect, we knew we had to find a name that would represent the next chapter. What has made the publication so strong has been the who behind the what and how-to articles that kept us all plugged into the industry and each other.

I also happen to be obsessed with “about us” website pages, because they are the second most visited page on a website. I was chatting one night with a colleague, Crystal Jacquez, and she had an ah-hah moment and blurted out, “The name should be The About Pages!” My eyes bulged to the size of beach balls. I grabbed my phone and searched GoDaddy for the url. IT WAS AVAILABLE and only 99 cents. Whhhaaaaat!&#@! That was it. Suddenly everything we were trying to shape and share just made sense. So, we pulled the trigger and we are loving how it is just snowballing.

WE ARE BRINGING BACK PRINT. Everyone, I mean everyone, loves to see their name in print. So, each quarter we will fire-up the presses and release 100 limited-edition copies of our glossy magazine for the people in it, the people who created it, and the people who supported it. I have been in print media for more than 25 years – YOU KNOW I was going to find a way. Print is so not dead.

THANK YOU to the 1,800 subscribers and legion of supporters and fans for joining us on the next leg. We are excited to connect you to the people that are behind the scenes, leading the pack, blazing the trails, and elevating all of us by doing what they do best. This magazine is about them and about you.

SPECIAL THANKS TO MY MOM who I call my CMO – Chief Motivational Officer. She is the best listener and has let me talk out every lovin’ detail over and over. She is my biggest cheerleader. She is the largest contributor to my own about page.

It’s in my bones to connect people and bring them together to do kickass (C’mon I had to say it at least once!) things. Let’s get connecting. Tell me more about you, Carleen Clearwater Publisher, The About Pages carleen@theaboutpages.com