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Luke Schoenbeck, Marketing Director for Mark VII Equipment


AMA Colorado May 2018-June 2019 President

TAP| What goals or projects are you most excited or passionate about?

LS| We have two major initiatives this year and we actually just completed the first and are about to complete the second. First, our chapter hosted the AMA Western Regional retreat for the first time ever. We had 40 AMA board members from Western US and Canada chapters fly in for a weekend of AMA updates and best practices. We were tasked with locking in the venue, catering, hotel block, Friday evening welcome event, and generally assist with the agenda and flow of the Saturday retreat. Thanks to the support of our amazing Colorado chapter board, the weekend went off without a hitch and a big thank you to Marketo for sponsoring our Friday night welcome mixer.

Second, we’re launching a new website this quarter. We found a great partner in Code Geek out of Fort Collins. They’ve been exceptional to work with. I’ve reviewed a sneak peek at the site. It’s going to be beautiful! Be on the lookout for the launch soon!

TAP| Why is it important for companies to support their employees in their desire to volunteer for business organizations?

LS| I love the old adage of two execs talking about their employees:

“What if we train them and they leave?”

“What if we don’t train them and they stay?”

Getting involved with local organizations like the AMA is more than just giving back to the community. It opens the door to endless amounts of continued education. As a member, I’ve learned a lot. As a board member, my marketing education has been taken to the next level because of the people around me who I constantly interact with.

TAP| With so many great organizations to support, why should people support yours?

LS| For a long time the AMA membership has been a marketer’s badge of honor and proof to the marketing community and employers that you’re serious about honing your skills and being up to speed on industry trends. Both of those facts are still true of AMA membership. It’s your community of active marketers who are ready to share ideas and pay it forward. We host regular industry mixers and educational events for the marketers of Colorado. Nationally, the AMA offers an unbelieve amount of quality content for marketers and academics alike.

TAP| How can we support the Colorado AMA?

LS| Get involved. We love having a deep bench of volunteers if you want to give your time and energy and meet some amazing people. Also, we’re always on the lookout for cool venues to host events. We love to partner with local agencies and bring our members to their door for an industry mixer. It’s an incredibly easy way for agencies to meet prospective clients and employees and our members get a great evening of networking.


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Mac or PC? PC at work, Mac at home Favorite coffee spot: Stella’s on Pearl Street in Denver. Great iced coffee and memories of studying for exams with my now wife. Favorite happy hour: Renegade Brewery. Unique beer and good people. Favorite social media app: Does Pokemon Go count? I’m actually a LinkedIn nerd and spend way too much time on the app browsing articles. Early or late?: Early. Gym at 5:00am and to work by 7:30am. Book we should all read: My former mentor, Bill Byrne, wrote a book called Habits of Wealth in 1992. The lessons in it are timeless and thoughtful. Podcast you don’t miss: Purple FTW! …Skol Vikings! Most played artist on your playlist: Lately, Walk Off The Earth. All time, Brand New. Favorite Netflix/Amazon binge: Black Mirror… can’t wait for the new season. One thing you’d change about yourself: Sometimes I struggle to “shut down.” It’s not healthy to check your email when you happen to wake up at 2:00am. Your super power: Communicate with animals. I just want to know what my dog thinks of me.


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