We’re All About Creating Win-Win Connections

Andoni Lizardy, Marketing Consultant & Strategist for Lizardy Associates


Creative Connections & The Colorado Arts And Technology Series May 2018-June 2019 President

TAP| What would you say most motivated you to assume the role of president?

AL| The things that motivated me to take on the roll of President for both the Colorado Arts and Technology Series as well as Creative Connections:

A. The mission of helping members expand their insights, contacts and talents with other like-minded people and groups.

B. With Creative Connections, the challenge of taking on the leadership of the largest local organization of its type in the U.S. with nearly 9,000 followers!

C. With the Colorado Arts and Technology Series the challenges involved with a startup.

D. The opportunity to work with highly talented people.

TAP| What goals or projects are you most excited about?

AL| We’re excited about new programs we’re launching this year to help members build their practices and businesses: Peer support roundtables, group mentoring teams, and a discount program to help members obtain needed products and services.

TAP| What has been the most surprising to you about being president?

AL| The enthusiasm and support of our members, founders and Advisory Team Members. All have been exceptionally supportive and have made my job a true labor of love.

TAP| How has volunteering in this big of a way been rewarding and what’s the ROI for you?

AL| Being president of both groups allows me to give back to our community and in some small way, help our members achieve their goals. After being a business consultant for global companies, I decided to work with NGOs as well as micro, small, and mid-sized businesses. It has turned-out to be a series of win-win relationships.

TAP| What is one of the toughest challenges your organization is facing?

AL| Our focus is making our events and services as relevant and rewarding as possible for our members, guests, volunteers, co-marketers, speakers and sponsors. We’re tackling things such as co-marketing with other non-profits on a regular basis, providing meeting guides for all our events, upgrading our Facebook pages and in 2019, posting videos and podcasts on YouTube and other social media sites. These are major challenges when working with all-volunteer groups.

TAP| Why is it important for people to support your organization?

AL| We are right for talented and motivated individuals interested in learning, sharing and connecting with other creatives, business people and our community-at-large, e.g.:

1. Providing a safe and positive environment where people with common interests, challenges and directions can meet, learn, network, grow and achieve their goals with the support and guidance of others.

2. Enjoying quality programs with insightful thought leaders on topics that change every month.

3. Discovering new opportunities and ideas they and we can use now.

TAP| How can we support Creative Connections?

AL| Come to our meetings! Join us and bring friends and peers alike. Our events are open to the public and we would be delighted to meet you.


EMAIL: lizardy9@gmail.com LINKEDIN: andonilizardy PHONE: 727-735-2565 FACEBOOK: creativeconnections5280cc


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Creative Connections

Meet other Creative Types from diverse backgrounds to discuss Business, Ideas and Strategies. Gather to share experiences, and to network. You’ll learn from in-the-know industry speakers, get the scoop on other local creative businesses and connect with other talented professionals with skills that complement your own. No-pressure networking. Creative Connections members play well together. So there are no rules limiting the number of graphic designers, writers, photographers, marketing types—or lion tamers, for that matter—who can join.

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