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The mission of The Review formerly the Advertising & Marketing Review and now The About Pages has been to serve the advertising, marketing, and media industries in Colorado and more than 15 industry related business organizations for more than 42 years. 

The Review was founded by Bob & Willa Brown in 1977 and included information about the Denver Advertising Federation (Now AD Club Colorado). Due to health reasons, the publication was sold to Mountain States Publishing.


In 1991, CSC Publishing, Ken Custer, acquired The Review magazine and was the Publisher for more than 26 years - 312 + issues.  Ken recruited Colorado's top industry pros for decades to write real and relevant how-to and news feature articles on every topic imaginable in the marketing and advertising industry.  Looking back over the archives you'll see hundreds of hot shots, up and comers, tech super nerds, industry veterans,  movers and shakers and every pro in the know wrote an article for The Review. If you have been in the marketing and advertising industry in Colorado and ever been to one networker before he "retired" in Spring of 2017 - you've met Ken. He supported more than 20 business nonprofits in the magazine, but was a staple at every major industry event and worked the scene at most monthly events for many of those organizations. He was chattin' up the next contributor or designer for a cover, or snappin' pics for the zine or the website - one way or the other if he snagged your card - you were on the subscriber list and on his radar for future somethin'.


In April 2017, Ken Custer handed over the reins of publisher/owner to Carleen Clearwater, owner of Kickass Marketing and Creative. She relaunched as The About Pages, a quarterly magazine that turned the spotlight on the who's whos behind all the how-tos. For a handful of years, before becoming publisher, Carleen worked closely with Ken on covers for the magazine, revamping the e-zine email marketing and updating the website. But, it was during their countless coffee and cocktail meetups discussing all the possibilities they honed in on what is and always has been the heart of the magazine - the people. People  looooove to see their name "in print" and for years Colorado pros have been flippin' through our zine's pages either in print up until 2010 or in digital ever since because they're lookin' to see if their pic made it in or their kudos announcement made the cut.  


The magazine's legacy lives on through our new focus and slightly tweaked mission. We're shining the spotlight on the amazing pros whose talents are the juice behind our booming industry. We want to celebrate and share all the details we can about the incredible people we work with here in Colorado. Some we know and some we don't know - yet. But this is not a one-way news distribution like most other magazines, we're a two-way street and our mission isn't to inform but to CONNECT you to these awesome people we feature on our pages and posts. 

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Since 1977, The Review and now The About Pages has been known as the leading source of information covering the local advertising, marketing, public relations and media industry in Colorado and we intend to keep it that way.

Ken Custer, The Connection King, remains involved as a mentor to Carleen and a columnist for The About PagesContact Ken directly at